Wonderful Wondersuits

On the other side of the world- the Aussies have got it right. They love the relaxed way of life and make products to reflect their laid back lifestyle. The popular Wondersuits from Bonds do exactly this. Making life that little bit easier so you can enjoy more time with your little one in the reassurance of knowing your baby’s comfort.

Great for newborns, these suits have more stretch to help you dress your little one at this delicate stage. They feature a two-way zip making nappy changes a breeze and not a fiddly popper in sight! With cozy cuffs for their hands and feet, these suits are a great outfit solution day or night.

Great for crawlers, these suits offer the freedom of movement without excess baggy fabric which may restrict your little one. Helping them learn to roll, shuffle, crawl and of course the classic ‘downward facing dog’!

Great for totters, these suits provide a great fit for your little one to play and explore. Once awake, simply fold back the feet cuffs and away they go. The all-in-one feet of standard baby grows can often hinder movement by having either too much fabric to trip over or too tight for your little one to stand.

Great for parents, these suits are huggably soft, which of course, is what it’s all about! No need to coordinate an outfit, just grab and go without compromising on style. The versatility of the patterns means they can be worn in the day as well as at night. Generous sizing, along with stretch fabric means your little one gets lots of wear out of each suit making them great value for money.

Keep an eye out for new Wondersuit styles and other baby products from the Bonds Australia range, coming soon!


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