How To Keep Your Wondersuits Bright

How To Keep Your Wondersuits Bright

Bonds Climbing Tigers Navy Wondersuit

It might seem like a silly question but how do you wash your Wondersuits? If you’re already a Wondersuit addict chances are you’ve already got some tips up your sleeve on the best way to care for them. If you’re new to the world of Wondersuits here are some of the hints and tips* we’ve heard about on the grapevine…

Bonds Pop Goes My Heart Frill Wondersuit

Iron Your Wondersuit before first wash / wear

Some Wondersuit fans swear that giving their Wondersuits an iron before the first wash helps the dye to ‘stick’ to the fabric and therefore reduces wash fade. Make sure you don’t iron the cuffs though as this can cause shiny patches due to the higher elastic content in the fabric.

Bonds Still Life Wondersuit

Wash Your Wondersuit Inside Out

As detailed on the label washing instructions, washing inside out, zipped up, is thought to help stop those pesky bobbles from appearing and also helps to reduce wash fade.

Bonds Flying Pterodactyl Blue Wondersuit

Air Dry Your Wondersuit

Not only is this great for the environment, air drying your suit is another tip to help keep your Wondersuit nice and bright. Tumble dryers are notorious for causing clothes to bobble, so we highly recommend only air drying your suits.

Use a Colour Catcher

Colour catchers will help to stop those bright colours from running into each other. Pop one in with your Wondersuit wash to help keep those fabulous bright colours where they belong. 

Have you tried anything else to help keep your Wondersuits in tip top condition?

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