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Welcome to Globe Totters!

Thanks for stopping by. We are so pleased to share our collections of baby and parenting products that we’ve collected from around the world with you. Every product that we stock is intended to either make parenting easier or is something that we’ve not seen before on the UK market.

Globe Totters was dreamt up by two mums on maternity leave, during COVID-19. Like many new parents, we purchased and had been given beautiful yet highly impractical clothing for our babies and as much as we loved seeing our babies in them they just weren’t worth the stress of wrestling the baby into them! So, we looked for alternatives.

Our first product that we came across were Bonds Wondersuits of Australia. They offered an extremely practical range of babygrows which featured turn up feet and mittens, as well as a double ended zipper, making nappy changing times a breeze. Not only were they a dream to put on our babies they also came in a range of gorgeous designs, from the funky to the cute and cuddly. We think that these zip up baby grows make excellent presents for first time mums and dads as well as showing old timer parents that there is another, easier way!

Our aim is to bring more wonderful, parent friendly products from around the world so that parents of the UK can enjoy them. Be sure to keep visiting our website and sign up for our newsletter to be notified on new stock ranges.

Coming Soon…

Watch out for brands such as Janod, Bubba Blue and Polarn O.Pyet who will be joining us soon.

Why Shop With Globe Totters

Easy To Use
We hope that you find using our website easy but if you get stuck please drop us an email at hello@theglobetotters.co.uk

Gorgeous Designs
All of the products on our website have been tried and tested on our own babies. We think that they make excellent gifts for new mums and dads as well as experienced parents.