Say ‘Bonjour’ to the world of Janod Toys

Say ‘Bonjour’ to the wonderful world of Janod Toys

Globe Totters are very excited to add the gorgeous French brand ‘Janod’ to the website.

Janod is a French brand specialising in the creation of traditional toys and games using wood and cardboard. We love the cute, chic look and style of toys. As parents ourselves, it was important to us to bring sustainable toys to the UK market. Janod offer a great alternative to plastic toys using tasteful designs and natural materials.

Our Favourites

We must admit we love them all, but if we really, really had to pick here are our favourites:

Janod Ride on Llama

Janod Ride on LlamaWe don’t think we’ve ever seen a more fabulous toy than this!

The bright, lively colours are so eye-catching, your child will love to push it around whilst learning to walk and then enjoy riding along on its back. 

The design also features a super cute shape sorter on the side where the Inca-themed wooden pieces can be stored. To retrieve the pieces simply flip up the seat. 


Janod Ride on Llama – Buy Now!

Janod Nutty Balance

Janod Nutty Balance Squirrel

How sweet is this little squirrel! Encourage your little one to balance the acorns on the squirrel’s back and tail but be careful not to topple him over! Why not challenge your toddler to see who can pile up the acorns the highest, your little one will love to watch them tumble down!



Janod Nutty Balance – Buy Now!

Janod Pure Stackable Bear

Janod Pure Stackable BearThis toy gives us the warm and fuzzy feels! The little bear is a gorgeous wooden, stacking, 2-in-1 toy in very soft and contemporary colours. Let your child have fun by reconstructing the animals and allow them to use their imagination by mixing up their clothing. How cute is the little bee on the flower?



Janod Pure Stackable Bear – Buy Now! 

Janod Zigolos Ostrich

Janod Zigolos Ostrich Stacker wooden

Here’s an interesting fact about this toy, you can’t sell it on Facebook as it thinks it is a real Ostrich! We can confirm that this is indeed a toy, a toy with a little hidden surprise! Challenge your little one to find the cute chick!


Janod Zigolos Ostrich – Buy Now! 

We think Janod wooden toys make excellent birthday or Christmas gifts. We love how they’re all not quite as they seem and have some sort of educational element or hidden surprise that your child will love to play with.

If you’ve come across any other toys on your travels that you can’t seem to get hold of in the UK send us an email and we will see what we can do!

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