New Bonds Wondersuits – In Time for Christmas!

Yes you read that correctly…New Bonds Wondersuits are here, just in time for Christmas!

We are so excited to bring another range of the wonderful Bonds Wondersuits to the UK. This season features a few festive options as well as big, bold and beautiful patterns. Your tots winter wardrobe won’t be complete without these little beauties. If you’re anything like us, you like to keep your money where you can see it… hanging in your child’s wardrobe!

If you’re looking for Christmas gifts for the special little baby in your life then look no further than this…feast your eyes!

Here are a few of our favourite Wondersuits


Bonds Universal Zip WondersuitBonds Universal Wondersuit

This little number has a lovely festive vibe.

The star pattern is strong and bold but doesn’t scream over the top Christmas, which is why we love it. We think that it makes a perfect Christmas gift that can be worn all year round.

As is standard with Bonds Wondersuits, the hand and feet cuffs fold over so keeping those 10 little fingers and 10 little toes warm is easy. (Please note, mittens available from Newborn to 6-12 months sizes).



Bonds Timmy Tiger WondersuitTimmy Tiger Wondersuit 

We absolutely love this design! So much so we had to order one for our own babies (it’s a perk of the job!).

The design reminds us of the illustrations in the book ‘The Tiger who came to Tea’. Why not get dressed up in your Timmy Tiger Wondersuit, snuggle up on the sofa together and read the story. 

There’s not much better than Wondersuits, cuddles and stories is there?



Bonds Whale Tales Pink WondersuitWhale Tale Pink Wondersuit 

Who said winter was dull? Check out this jazzy number! Dust off your sunglasses, this one is super bright!

If your baby loves pink and whales then this one is perfect. We can’t get over how much fun these Wondersuit prints are! 

If pink isn’t your colour, this one also comes in white, please see Whale Tale White Wondersuit.



Bonds Trex Party Zip WondersuitTrex Party Wondersuit

Are there any dinosaur fans out there? We thought so!

This fabulous Wondersuit features a two-tone blue Trex pattern that is bold and fun. If you’re really in to dinosaurs you might also like Trex Dreamtime Wondersuit.





Bonds T Rex Dreamtime WondersuitTrex Dreamtime Wondersuit 

This is a wonderful, bright and bold print from Bonds, featuring planets, asteroids and the mighty T-Rex! 

We’re not sure where Bonds get their ideas from but lets hope they keep it up! Checkout the Bonds Wondersuit section on our website to view the whole new range in stock now!


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